What We Do

ISADRAULICS grew out of an identified need for a service oriented and responsive hydraulics supplier and repairer with capacity to support customers operating in North West Queensland.

Our business is built around solving the core challenges faced by our customers:

  • Parts availability and cost, which is impacted by the remoteness of the North West region
  • Cost of downtime from the failure of equipment and parts
  • Lack of inhouse technical knowledge and experience

We take the importance of cost reduction and equipment performance outcomes very seriously and acknowledge these are the number one concerns for our customers.

It’s why we’ve built our business on solutions that address the challenges facing our customers.


How ISADRAULICS transforms your challenges into solutions

The Isadraulics Solution
  • Strong commercial relationships with premium parts and equipment suppliers that deliver quality, delivery and service
  • Established supply arrangements with transport and logistics providers to assure delivery at competitive rates
  • Negotiation of preferred contractor arrangements, ensuring customer’s high volume parts stocked onsite (at Isadraulics)
  • Large climate controlled stock warehouse ensures quality and integrity of specialist parts is maintained
Here’s how your business benefits
  • Access to OEM suppliers for technical support through Isadraulics’ relationships provides certainty
  • Reduced costs from consolidated buying
  • Reduced turnaround time on parts repairs and replacement
  • Equipment and machinery back in production sooner
  • Guarantee of genuine OEM supplied parts
The Isadraulics Solution
  • Experienced technical team
  • Advanced testing technology
  • In-house, onsite and 24/7 breakdown service
Here’s how your business benefits
  • Faster diagnosis and repairs

Lack of in-house technical knowledge / experience including diagnosis and fabrication equipment

The Isadraulics Solution
  • Large team of trained tradespeople, technicians, and specialists proficient in customers’ equipment and parts
  • Continuing professional development for team
  • North West region’s most advanced technology onsite at workshop that is fully equipped for diagnosis, fabrication and repairs
  • Formal and informal onsite consultation and training on parts and equipment for customers
Here’s how your business benefits
  • Reduces imperative to build specialist capability in-house
  • Your focus is on your core business
  • No need for work to be shipped to coast for repairs
  • Highly Skilled to Cert 4 Engineering

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