Soundbites and snapshots of Isadraulics around the clock support, audits and services, proven expertise, custom manufactured solutions, specialised maintenance and repairs and premium products and parts

Sagmil Accumulator upgrade

Problem: For 30 years this product was out of its service date, no longer fit for purpose, failing to run to specification and not meeting internal requirements.

Solutions: Over a 2-year period this project was ongoing. Redesigning the product to replace the vessel and include safety features while dramatically improving performance through an upgraded charging technology.

Planned Rebuilds

Problem: Urgent break downs cost significant time and money

Solutions: Over 12 years, we understand and have used our detailed experience to enable quick diagnosis and onsite repair. Where large parts require rebuilding and repair we can get it back to Isadraulics and returned quickly to be back up and running fast

Midnight Mining Magic

Problem: Automated underground mining stations went down and they could not get the rock to the surface.

Solution: At midnight drove two hours and went underground 1km to resolve the issue. Our knowledge of the site and machines delivered a quick resolution to get them up and running quickly and reduce downtime as much as possible

Hospital Power Generator Filtration

Problem: An essential need to stop the diesel going stagnant in the power generator diesel tanks. The need for hospitals instant backup power in black outs and clean operating systems is critical

Solutions: Identified the need to turn the diesel over and keep it ready to go. Supplied diesel tanks and filtration systems and commissioned the system.

Building Accretion Machine

Problem: Downtime when maintenance or rebuild is required is too long. Therefore build another which is an immediate replacement and reduces downtime. Solutions: Building Accretion Machine (escavator on wheels) from scratch with critical design improvements. Taken the existing drawings of old machines, improved and then manufacture at Isadraulics. Assemble with additional procured parts.

Solution: Isadraulics scoped, designed, built and installed new accretion machine to improve productivity. Using old drawings and procured parts the new machine added immediate value to its productivity