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Rob Blyth, Glencore

Suppliers play a significant role in helping us achieve our performance goals,from sourcing materials to help ramp up production to finding better options for products and services used in our processes and across the business. Local procurement is incredibly important to Queensland Metals because we are a 24- hour operation. Whenever we require an urgent response on our mine site, our dedicated local suppliers are engaged and ready to assist at any time. Isadraulics has contributed to Queensland Metal’s success by continuing to provide ongoing rapid response. It doesn’t matter if its three o’clock in the morning, the Isadraulics team is willingly onsite to support us and provide a high a quality service. Local businesses provide more than just a service to the mine, they also provide sponsorships to local sporting clubs, funding to community groups, generate greater employment for local families and are an integral part of the Mount Isa community. Some of the values we look for in our suppliers include entrepreneurialism through taking different approaches to solve our challenging problems as well as their investment in high-class facilities and workshops like those at Isadraulics. Some of the assets here in these local workshops can’t even be found in our capital cities, so that’s amazing for our regional communities. Our mining operation is on the doorstep of the Mount Isa community, so it’s really important to us that we invest back into the community anyway we can and supporting local businesses such as Isadraulics is a great way to do that.

Rob Blyth, Glencore

Queensland Metals Contracts and Procurement Manager

Steve Donato

Isadraulics have carried out remote breakdown and routine services for Ergon Energy/Energy
Queensland Limited since 2016. They maintain our hydraulic equipment (some specialised) at Mt

Isa, Cloncurry Julia Creek but are not limited to these areas as they have travelled to remoter areas to do our breakdown work. The Isadraulics service team have exceptional communication skills, they keep us abreast of any complications which may arise whilst working on our equipment whether it is to seek permission prior to starting work that may be high cost work or when they encounter unusual faults that we were not aware of. They regularly provide suggestions on how they could make things more streamline and where EQL could make cost savings with regards to maintaining our equipment. They regularly engage with our OEM representatives to get the best possible outcome for our equipment.

Isadraulics provide a range of services such as

  • Regular maintenance as per EQL Manufactures specifications locally and at remote depots/sites.
  • Breakdown service for local and remote sites.
  • After hours callouts locally and remote.
  • They constantly seek ways to improve/support how our equipment is maintained.
  • Regularly try to keep costs to a minimum by combining travel & accommodation costs by bundling work in remoter areas.
Steve Donato

Fleet Technical Support Officer, Ergon Energy

Rob Blyth

Isadraulics has contributed to Queensland Metals' success by continuing to provide this ongoing rapid response. It doesn’t matter if its three o’clock in the morning, the Isadraulics team is willingly onsite to support us and provide a high a quality service.

Rob Blyth

Queensland Metals Contracts & Procurement Manager