On Board System Health Monitoring; HYDAC CM-Expert Hydraulic – CME-AU1000 for Critical Hydraulic and Lubrication Systems

The CM-Expert Hydraulic fluid condition monitoring unit is a live on-board monitoring system providing a complete package solution for hydraulic and lubrication oil system health.

Monitored Parameters Include:

  • Particle counting
  • Absolute conductivity value
  • Change in electrical conductivity
  • Absolute dielectric constant value
  • Relative change in dielectric constant value
  • Saturation level
  • Temperature

Manufactured by HYDAC systems division in Australia, the CM-Expert is designed to be installed permanently onto critical plant and monitor the health of the oil at all times. An installation with such technology request a new oil baseline to start with.

The HYDAC CM-Expert Hydraulic combines air bubble suppression with oil condition sensors and multiple communication options in a single plug and play unit. Its installation can be with minimal impact on an existing system.

Additionally, the Condition Monitoring package can be installed in both low pressure and high-pressure systems as the sensors are protected form pressure and flow flucturations. Other options include the use of an HYDAC AquaSensor or HYDAC Lab, LED display on the CS1000 particle counter and method of connectivity (Modbus(TCP/IP)/Wi-Fi/Mobile Network).

At HYDAC, all Industry 4.0 ready hydraulic systems are fitted with the latest sensor technology in the CM-Expert Hydraulic fluid condition monitoring unit that is in-line with Industry 4.0 to create smart machines that are able to self-monitor, self-learn and self-correct.

First level Predictive Maintenance 4.0 Oil Condition Monitoring System sensors such as:

Contamination Sensor (Cs1000) for counting the number of particles in the oil and displaying the results according to the ISO class.

HYDAC Lab (HLB) which continuously monitors the condition of the oil by measuring the temperature, water saturation, conductivity and change in dielectric constant. This value is used to indicated changes in viscosity, mix or dilution and it may also be an indication of oil deterioration.

To log the live data collected by each of the sensor, the HYDAC Condition Sensor Interface (CSI-C11) is utilised. The CSI module has 2 input channels for the HYDAC smart sensors.

HYDAC smart sensors have an HSI interface built in, this means “no configuration” is necessary! The CSI instantly recognises the sensors and configures the display appropriately, a real plug and play feature. The CSI has also an output port for data transmission via a LAN cable and it has an antenna that allows for wireless transmission via W-LAN.

With the CSI you can access the data recorded on the system wirelessly using the HYDAC FluMoS mobile app. The FluMoS Mobile app is available as a free download from Google Play Store.

Condition Monitoring

Fluid Awareness consists of Condition Monitoring, Filtration and Cooling Systems.

There is a direct correlation between the profitability and efficiency of complete hydraulic and lubrication systems and the condition of the fluids typically used in them – oil cleanliness, for example. Once the connection between the two becomes clear, so too does the action that needs to be taken: cooling, continuous condition-based monitoring, and a well-engineered filtration system to guarantee the efficiency and operating reliability of the whole system.

ISADRAULICS experts will provide you with modern cooling and condition monitoring solutions that are specific to your system and enable optimum performance and reliability. We implement equipment preventive maintenance systems to preserve the life of hydraulics or lubrication system, using tools such as oil analysis equipment to determine ISO oil cleanliness. By taking a holisitc approach with a condition monitoring system, it is possible to improve the condition of the fluid used and to reduce the life cycle costs.

We are here to help you;

As ISADRAULICS hydraulic experts and advocates of preventive maintenance management, we want to focus-attention on fluid awareness and we would like to share our experience with you.

To learn more about the HYDAC CM-Expert Hydraulic fluid condition monitoring for your application, please contact ISADRAULICS on +61 7 4743 9139, or email [email protected] for further information.


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