SKF/Lincoln Progressive Lubrication Systems

Progressive Lubrication Systems










SKF and Lincoln have joined forces to provide you with the world’s most complete portfolio of innovative lubrication solutions from manual lubricators and tools, to the most advanced centralized and automatic lubrication systems available.


Both SKF/Lincoln systems are available through JSG Industrial via ISADRAULICS, a reputable local and authorised sales and service provider-installer of JSG Industrial’s SKF/Lincoln lubrication systems in NW/Qld.


In addition to traditional lubrication products and systems, ISADRAULICS offers customised solutions for many industries for critical rotating equipment in mobile and fixed plant.


ISADRAULICS also offer a variety of control and monitoring equipment for ease of use and to help ensure proper lubrication.


Progressive Lubrication systems (such as the SKF progressive systems, SKF ProFlex and Lincoln Quicklub) can be used on small to medium sized machines with dispersed lubrication points that require varying lubrication quantities.


Progressive Lubrication systems consist of a pump connected to at least one primary metering device. If needed, second level metering devices can be connected to the outlets of the primary metering devices to increase the number of lubricated points.

Image courtesy of SKF/Lincoln

The outlets of the primary and second level metering devices are connected via branch lines to the lubrication points of the machine. The metering devices split the lubricant into even or predefined amounts of lubricant, depending on metering device, that are positively displaced to the lubrication points or to the inlet of a connected secondary metering device.


The lubricant amount provided by each outlet of the metering device, depends on the type of metering device being used.


SKF/Lincoln offers progressive systems that can dispense a precise, metered amount of lubricant to up to 150 lubrication points over distances of over 100m based on the application.




For all your lubrication needs, technical sales and service, contact ISADRAULICS on 04 4743 9139 or email [email protected]



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