Advance Bottle Sample Testing for Diesel Fuels

icountBSplus Advanced Bottle Sampler – Diesel Fuels.

Parker icountBSplus Advanced Bottle Sample Testing – Cost Effective and Time Saving Alternative to External Laboratory Services.


APPLICATION: Diesel fuels cleanliness testing.


The PARKER icountBSplus is an advanced, fully contained bottle sampling system that ensures fast, accurate and repeatable detection of contamination in diesel fuels.

Compact and portable, is ideal for use in the laboratory, on-line or off-line applications.

The system is fully accredited to all particle counting standards – ISO, NAS, AS and GOST – including the latest ISO medium dust certification and is backed by Parker Hannifin’s global customer support network.

The PARKER icountBSplus uses proven laser particle detection technology, with intuitive touch screen control, integrated long life rechargeable battery and a robust easy to clean enclosure, to deliver exceptional product quality and performance.

It is quick to setup and use, delivers rapid test results and offers a wide range of features to help you improve the reliability, productivity and profitability of your production equipment, and is capable of entrapped gas suppression and automatically ensures that each sample is carefully regulated prior to test.

Every sample is degassed using suppressed, cleaned air and then delivered to the measurement cell through a fixed displacement pumping system. This eliminates many of the variables associated with traditional methods of contamination monitoring.



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