Service Instruments ~ HMG4000 Handheld Data Logging and Measuring Unit

HYDAC HMG4000 Handheld Data Logging and Measuring Unit.~ Developed for all values measured in relation with hydraulic systems, such as pressure, temperature, flow rate and position.

Made in Germany, the HYDAC HMG 4000 Hand–held Measuring Unit by HYDAC is a portable, high end measuring and data logging device.

Developed for all values measured in relation with hydraulic systems, such as pressures, temperatures, flow rates and position, current applications of use are field servicing, field and workshop maintenance or testing rigs. Additionally, it provides very high flexibility when it comes to evaluating other measuring values.

At ISADRAULICS, our service instruments are specifically designed for use in field servicing of fixed plant and mobile equipment, particularly for maintenance, testing and verifications, as well as commissioning.

Furthermore, it is possible to connect a wide variety of output signals with all electronic sensors, such as measuring system pressures, temperatures, flow rates, condition monitoring…

The HMG 4000 has a very easy-to-operate user interface due to its large 5.7” touchscreen, allowing the operator to access all the unit’s functions and settings by means of clearly presented selection menus.

The HMG 4000 can record the signals of up to 38 sensors at once. For this purpose, HYDAC also offer special sensors, which are automatically detected by the HMG 4000 and whose parameters such as measurement values, measuring ranges and measuring units can be set.

On the one hand, there are the HYDAC HSI-Sensors (HYDAC Sensor Interface) for the measurement of pressure, temperature and flow rate, for the connection of which there are 8 analogue input channels. On the other hand, there is the option of connecting HYDAC SMART sensors to these inputs. SMART sensors can display several different measured variables at a time.

Up to 28 special HYDAC HCSI-Sensors (HYDAC CAN Sensor Interface) can be connected additionally via the CANbus port, also supporting automatic sensor detection.

The HMG 4000 Data Logger can optionally be connected to an existing CAN network. This capability enables the recording of measured data transmitted via CAN bus (e.g. motor speed, motor pressure) in combination with the measured data from the hydraulic system.

This device also offers measurement inputs for standard sensors with current and voltage signals. The HMG 4000 Data Logger rounds off the application, providing two additional digital inputs (e.g. for frequency or rpm measurements).

Clear and graphical colour selection menus intuitively guide the operator to all the device functions available and ensure fast implementation.

The most impressing feature of the HMG 4000 is its ability to record the dynamic processes of a machine in the form of a measurement curve and render them as a graph, and, moreover, online and in real time.

The most attractive function of the HMG 4000 surely is the capability of “online” recording and graphic illustration of dynamic processes, which means as a measuring curve in real time. During the recording process of a measuring curve, you can zoom in the curve sections of interest using gestures on the touchscreen.

Functions …

For the purpose of recording highly dynamic processes, all 8 analogue input channels can be operated simultaneously at a sampling rate of 0.1 ms.

The data memory for recording curves or logs can hold up to 8 million measured values. At least 500 of such data recordings in full length can be stored in an additional archiving memory.

For targeted, event-driven curves or logs, the HMG 4000 has four independent triggers, which can be linked together logically. In addition, there is a “start/stop” condition, by means of which a measurement can be initiated or finished. User-specific device settings can be stored and re-loaded at any time as required. This means that repeat measurements can be carried out on a machine again and again using the same device settings.

Measured values, curves or texts are visualised on the full graphics colour display in different selectable formats and display forms.

Numerous useful and easy-to-use auxiliary functions are available, e.g. zoom, tracker, differential value graph creation and individual scaling, which are particularly for use when analysing the recorded measurement curves.

The communication between the HMG 4000 and a PC is performed via the built-in USB port. A HMG 4000 connected to your PC is recognised and depicted as a drive by the PC. You can thus move measured data to your PC conveniently. Optionally, data transfers can be carried out via a file manager by means of a USB memory stick.

Typical representation of tested hydraulic circuit data converted to graphical explanation via the HMGWIN software.

Testing of pumps is made safe with the application of remote data logging diagnostics.

Data Logger Features:

  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • A large, full graphics colour display 5.7″ touch screen
  • Capable of recording up to 38 sensors at once, 8 analogue, 2 digital sensors and 28 HSCI sensors via CAN bus
  • Up to 100 measurement channels can be depicted simultaneously
  • A high-speed measuring rate, up to 8 sensors at 0.1 ms at a time
  • A rapid and automatic basic setting of the device by means of automatic sensor detection
  • Analogue inputs 0.. 20 mA, 4 .. 20 mA Voltage 0 .. 50V, -10 .. 10 V. • PT 100/1000 input
  • Connection to a CAN bus system (also J1939)
  • A simple and user-friendly operation, intuitive menu
  • A practical, robust design
  • A very large data memory for archiving measurement curves. Enables the storage of 500 measurements with up to 8 Million measured values
  • Various measurement modes
  • The recording of dynamic processes “online” in real time
  • Event-driven measurements with several triggering options
  • A programming function for HYDAC switch devices
  • A PC interface via USB
  • Also, a USB Host connection for USB memory sticks
  • Convenient visualisation, archiving and data processing using the HMGWIN software.

To learn more about the HYDAC HMG4000 Data Logger, please contact ISADRAULICS on; +61 7 4743 9139, or e-mail [email protected] for further information.


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