DIGI Field Test Kit – Water in Oil, TBN, TAN, Insoluables and Viscosity Comparison

The DIGI Field Kit from Parker comes complete with tests for Water in Oil, Total Base Number, Total Acid Number, Insolubles and Viscosity Comparison. This kit provides the ability to test on-site, resulting in convenient routine oil analysis.
The DIGI Field Test Kit gives fast, accurate results for water in oil, total base number, total acid number, insolubles (soot), and comparative viscosity.

Total Acid Number (TAN)

Testing for TAN is essential to maintain and protect your equipment, preventing damage in advance. Both the weak organic and strong inorganic acids present within an oil can be measured with the TAN test. A rise in TAN is indicative of oil oxidation due to time or operating temperature.
Key …
• Test kit is supplied with up to fifty tests, enabling monitoring
of TAN level trends.
• Simple to use drop test – the result is shown by a colour change, providing easy to interpret results, suitable for use by non-technical personnel.


The Viscostick gives a simple “go/no-go” result. Typically
it will detect 5-10% distillate fuel dilution of an SAE 30 to 40 engine oil as well as increases in viscosity due to oil contamination.

Insolubles (soot)

Monitor combustion related debris and oxidation products. High insolubles will cause varnish formation on hot surfaces,
sticking of piston rings, and wear of cylinder liner and bearing
surfaces. The detergent property of the oil will also decrease,
speeding further deterioration.
Key …
• Detect insolubles from diesel engine combustion products such as fuel ash, carbon, partially oxidised fuel, oil oxidation products and spent lubricant additive.
• Simple and quick to use, the insolubles tests provide accurate results, helping prevent engine damage.

Reagents, Spares and Consumables

Test kits for individual parameters contain reagents, consumables and full instructions for multiple tests.
Key …
• Replacement reagents can be ordered at short notice.
• Kits contain all necessary equipment for instant test results in the field. Reagents are packed in accordance with IATA/IMDG/IRD Air/Marine/Road Transportation codes and can be delivered to major ports world-wide.








Water in Oil

Maintain and protect your equipment, while eliminating damage caused by water in oil.
Key …
• Prevent corrosion, cavitation or failure of your machinery by
detecting water in oil, before any damage occurs.
• Minimise instability of additive packages and damaging microbe growth by monitoring your oil.
• Fully portable for use on-board or in the field, test cells are
extremely robust, durable and easy to use.

Total Base Number (TBN)

The DIGI TBN Test Kit provides state of the art, digital analysis and gives fast, accurate results for in-depth
monitoring of trends. The TBN Test Kit gives a rapid
indication of TBN depletion in lubricants.
Key …
• Avoid fouling within the engine and corrosion of engine components by monitoring the Total Base Number (TBN) of lubricating oils.
• Simple, economical monitoring of lubricants.
To learn more about the advantages of fast and accurate on-site oil testing, please contact ISADRAULICS on;
+61 7 4743 9139, or e-mail [email protected]


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