Achieving Predictive Maintenance Using an Oil Condition Monitoring System

Achieving predictive maintenance using an oil condition monitoring system.

Monitoring the condition of lubricating oils is an important part of predictive maintenance.

In hydraulic and lubrication systems, friction, wear, leaks and excess temperatures can contribute to the operating fluid becoming contaminated, with solid particle contamination or water, for example. This contamination then goes on to cause errors in components and subsystems and ultimately in the system as a whole. Furthermore, the normal ageing process of the fluid causes performance losses that often result in system downtime. In order to prevent these time consuming and costly consequences, monitoring the condition of the operating fluid is of major significance.





















In the FluMoS app, the user presses the Wi-Fi button to automatically connect the mobile device with the CSI. Once connected all the data recorded on the system will be accessible. The mobile device will display the following measurement outputs:

  • Temperature
  • Conductivity
  • Water saturation
  • Contamination level

The major benefits of implementing a preventative or predictive maintenance program are:

  • Continuous monitoring of the machinery via the condition of the oil
  • Early detection of defects and imminent damage
  • Avoidance of unplanned machine and system downtime
  • Increased availability, safety and productivity of systems
  • Increases efficiency
  • Cost savings over the lifecycle of the machine

Prevention of damages are possible if appropriate steps are taken in due time and a smart system, as the one mentioned above, can help greatly to accomplish this task.

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