Machine Condition Monitoring System

MCMS 200

The Machine Condition Monitoring System MCMS 2000 is a system specially tailored to the requirements of industrial gearboxes and stationary hydraulics systems with auxiliary power units mounted on roller bearings (e.g. pumps and electric motors).

Thanks to the simultaneous measurement of fluid, vibration and process parameters, imminent damage can be detected early and unplanned system downtime can be avoided.

HYDAC’s FluMoS Expert software is used as a central system administration and data analysis. The software supports several MCMS and enables a database / cloud-based data storage; it’s a high-performance tool for measurement data visualisation and analysis


  • 2 input channels for vibration acceleration sensors (ICP®).
  • 3 input channels for HYDAC SMART fluid sensors.
  • 10 input channels for analog sensors.
  • 2 switching outputs for controlling power units and signaling equipment.
  • Direct connection of the sensors via M12x1 connectors.
  • Simple network and system integration per Ethernet connection.
  • Visualisation, analysis, and administration of the measurement data using our FluMoS Expert software.
  • Fail-safe and IT-independent measurement data storage thanks to the integrated data logger.
  • High protection class with IP66, no need for switch cabinet to be installed.

For further information on the HYDAC Machine Condition Monitoring System for industrial gearboxes and stationary hydraulic systems, please call ISADRAULICS on +61 7 4743 9139, or e-mail [email protected]






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