In partnership with JSG Industrial Systems, ISADRAULICS are proud to announce the new release of the LINCOLN QUICKLUB KIT PROGRAM.


The LINCOLN QUICKLUB KIT PROGRAM offers a high quality on-board lubrication package at a competitive price position within the market place by reducing onsite installation time with speed of installation. Success is achieved through simplifying the modular program into an easy to construct, and learning process, that works across various mobile machine types and varying fixed plant applications.


Typical advantages are;


  • Time saving; i.e. reducing site labour due to fittings already pre-assembled into the system manifold blocks.
  • Cost benefits; ≤ 20% price saving on components.
  • Design Simplicity; Quicker and simpler to design and build a system.


The LINCOLN QUICKLUB PROGRESSIVE KIT PROGRAM is a step by step design process that enables the consumer to nominate the parts that will be required for system design.

Quicklub Progressive Lubrication Systems;


  • Centralising your lubrication points to a single lube point ensures that all of the connected grease points are being lubricated.  This reduces lubrication time when compared to manual lubrication as the need to walk around the machine and locate all the points is removed.


Centralised Lubrication;


  • Can be done while the machine is in operation as the bearings and pins are in motion which is more effective.
  • Offers repetitive lubrication at low volumes, thus reducing wastage and downtime, reducing lubricant costs,
  • Removes the need for an operator to enter hazardous areas,
  • Reduces contamination risk as grease nipples and grease couplings attract dirt, the Quicklub system is sealed,
  • Low cost installation – Quicklub systems can be installed in-house,
  • Helps maintain long term machine performance.


System build process;


  • Lincoln Quicklub Lubrication Systems are positive displacement, progressive lubrication systems, suitable for oil or grease and are generally installed on small to mid-size vehicles, plant and equipment. The heart of the system is the Quicklub Metering Block.


Here is a step by step instruction guide on how to develop a full lubrication system for your machine using the JSG Quicklub Progressive Kit Program.

Step 1 –   Select a PUMP KIT – Consider the voltage available on the machine and the reservoir size required for adequate grease capacity

Step 2  –  Select the ELEMENT KIT – Considering the volume of grease required.

Step 3  –  Select the type of BLOCK KIT – Either with or without indicator pins, using either high pressure tube or hose.

Step 4  –  Select the ACCESSORIES – Including Spring Guards, Zerk Lock fittings and other components to complete the system.

In addition to the LINCOLN QUICKLUB KIT PROGRAM, ISADRAULICS also offers optional equipment such as the intelligent autolube controllers.


The autolube controller has the capacity to store all critical faults up to 80 records. The Data Shuttle is a device that can retrieve this data without the use of a laptop PC. The data shuttle can retrieve information from up to 8 different controllers. This information can be then downloaded from the Data Shuttle to your desktop PC to the autolube program whereby all the relevant faults can be scrutinized. The Data Shuttle has its own battery power and all information downloaded from the autolube controllers will be safely stored without the risk of loss.

The autolube controller can also communicate together with a GSM modem. This is the ultimate tool for downloading data from the autolube and more importantly to upload information and settings to the controller without having to send a technician to site. The gsm modem needs to be installed together with the autolube controller. The main centre for receiving and uploading of data needs to have a modem connected to their pc in order to send and receive data. Each modem has its own identity and unique address.

For all your lubrication needs, technical sales and service, contact ISADRAULICS on 04 4743 9139 or email [email protected]

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