ISADRAULICS are the leading authorised distributor and service partner in NW/Qld for SKF-LINCOLN/JSG Industrial components and systems,

servicing the industrial market at a local level.


SKF-LINCOLN/JSG systems are recognised and regarded as the OEM’s choice to high end lubrication and pumping systems.

Manufacturers, End users and Service partners alike have relied on the brands technical and quality leadership, and bespoke manufacturing processes for many years.


LINCOLN provides the technologically advanced pumps required for today’s demanding applications because they can draw on more than 60 years’ experience

with industrial pumping systems. LINCOLN pumps excel in applications that range from the transfer of lighter fluids  (oils, solvents, adhesives, etc.) to the movement of medium-viscosity materials  (RTV silicone, greases, coatings, plastisols, offset inks, etc.), to the demanding conveyance of pumping very heavy-viscosity materials (such as ink flushes, epoxies, mastics, etc.).


LINCOLN PowerMaster® III Pumps are the benchmark for success with standard drum pumps, with their 21st century design, build quality and integrity providing completely pneumatic, modular air motors and six-inch stroke pumps for greater material output. Accessories include an AirBrake™ option for prevention of pump runaway due to an empty container, a broken supply line or other loss of pump prime. A variety of packing materials ensures correct packing based on material compatibility.


LINCOLN PileDriver® III Pumps are designed for high-volume applications of viscous materials from standard drums or bulk-tanks, these industry-standard pumps incorporate the same completely pneumatic, modular air motors. Along with the AirBrake™ option and a wide variety of packing  materials, PileDriver III pumps feature a patented leakless gland design that protects the pump from gland seal failure and subsequent downtime for replacement.



To discuss your requirements for fluid conveyance utlising LINCOLN’s advanced industrial pumps for fluid transfer systems, measuring systems and flow systems, please call ISADRAULICS on +61 7 4743 9139, or e-mail [email protected]

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