PARKER Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

ISADRAULICS is a proud service partner and Parker Premier Distributor of industrial and mobile hydraulic components and systems throughout North West Queensland.

Our Fluid Power and application expertise provide our clients such as OEM’s and End users the opportunity to reach out to ISADRAULICS for their hydraulic cylinder needs, sharing confidence in our capabilities as an extension of their own design teams.

With the range of PARKER Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders available to the local market through ISADRAULICS, tie rod style Series 2H/2HD & Series 3H/3HD cylinders, and non-tie rod Series 2HB/3HB cylinders, sets the standard for performance, durability and trouble-free operation with superior design and quality to ensure long cylinder service life.

Parker’s superior design, the use of high quality materials and stringent manufacturing practices provide all applications with long cylinder service life and reduced operating costs.

Design features such as the “Jewel” rod gland assembly, hard chrome plated piston rods, and stepped cushions provide increased machine productivity.

Parker’s new Universal Piston design addresses the performance balance between low pressure sealability, low friction, extrusion resistance and seal life.

The TS2000 Rod Seal in Series 2H/3H and Tri-Lip Rod Seal in Series 2HD/3DH/2HB/3HB, in combination with the standard polyurethane Double-Service Wiperseal™, comprises a sealing system that delivers dry rod performance. Pressure actuated polyurethane o-ring Body End Seals provide leak free service.

Features and Benefits of the heavy duty hydraulic cylinders:

  • “Jewel” rod gland for increased machine productivity.
  • TS2000 Rod Seal in Series 2H/3H and Tri-Lip Rod Seal in Series 2HD/3HD/2HB/3HB for positive no-leak sealing.
  • Universal Piston with 4 seal options permits easy in-field seal style change.
  • Every cylinder is individually tested to assure reliability.
  • Every Series 2H/3H, Series 2HD/3HD and Series 2HB/3HB cylinder is individually tested before leaving the principle plant to assure reliability, proper performance and leak free operation.

cylinder service, workshop cylinder overhaul or new cylinder sales, to enquire with your hydraulic cylinder needs, please call ISADRAULICS on +61 7 4743 9139, or e-mail [email protected]

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