Portable Filter Cart for Diesel Fuel








Based on experience from cleaning hydraulic fluids, the PARKER HANNIFIN FBO Filter Cart was developed to support the growing market for cleaning Diesel fuels.


Manufactured locally in Australia, PARKER HANNIFIN used a modified version of the Hydraulic Filter Cart heavy duty frame with pneumatic tyres and mounted 2 x FBO-14-DPL filter housings.


The inlet housing uses a 25 micron Particulate element to remove heavy contaminant and the outlet housing uses a 10 micron coalescer element to remove water.


Flow rate of 40 lpm is achieved using electric motor options of 240 VAC single phase or 415 VAC 3 phase.


PARKER HANNIFIN also offer an air motor drive version where power is not available or for hazardous environments.


The option of the Aviation version Parker ICount PD displays the fluid cleanliness in real time.

To discuss your mobile or fixed plant diesel cleanliness requirements, please call ISADRAULICS on +61 7 4743 9139, or e-mail [email protected]


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