Denison Hydraulics / Closed-Loop Hydrostatic Transmissions and Controls

As the local NW/Qld Premier Parker distributor of high end Axial piston pump systems such as the DENISON GOLD CUP® series, ISADRAULICS has become a class leading build centre specialising in the build, repair and commissioning of closed-loop hydrostatic transmissions and controls.


The heavy duty GOLD CUP® series of pumps and motors represent a broadening of our offering in service, rebuild and testing facilities with hydrostatic transmission applications within mining, materials handling, drilling among others…


Our local technical knowledge, site install field experience and commissioning capabilities, ISADRAULICS can offer the full turn-key closed-loop hydrostatic transmission package, as well as a bespoke service / exchange program.

A full inventory of bespoke DENISON GOLD CUP® components are on hand from rotating group assemblies, servo control valve block assemblies to cam and cradle assemblies and input shaft and retainer assemblies

Pressurised cleanroom environment, complete with 60kW Pump Testing Bench, complimented with an auxiliary valve/actuator testing facilities. All systems and components tested to OEM ISO cleanliness levels.

Rugged and efficient, The GOLD CUP® series boosts productivity with hydrostatic piston pumps and motors that deliver exceptional performance in the most severe applications. Featuring a robust barrel bearing design and hydraulically controlled rocker cam, GOLD CUP® pumps and motors provide proven durability and reliable pressure control.


The tried and true design of the GOLD CUP® product line incorporates features such as integral servo and replenishing pump, hot oil shuttle, and a unique servo control system; all of which combine to provide a rugged self-contained package which can withstand the harshest of conditions and continue to perform with trouble free long life.


Technical Characteristics;

  • Maximum operating pressures of 420 bar (6,000 psi),
  • Maximum speed of 3,600 rpm,
  • Temperature range of -40 to 203ºF (-40 to 95ºC),
  • Sizes from 6-30 disp (100-500 cc).

A closed circuit design makes GOLD CUP® series pumps and motors ideal for bi-directional function and eliminates energy losses associated with circuit valving. GOLD CUP®’s high power-to-weight ratio, compact package, and flexibility in control options and mounting locations offer significant value-added benefits. These include lower operating costs, ease of installation, and improved longevity for reduced downtime.

To discuss your requirements with closed-loop hydrostatic transmissions, please call ISADRAULICS on +61 7 4743 9139, or e-mail [email protected]

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