Bulk Diesel Fuel Filtration

  • Inline Diesel Fuel Filter for Bulk Diesel Fuel Filtration.

In the past, the cleanliness level of delivered diesel fuel was rarely questioned. Now, however, the cleanliness mandates of Tier IV requirements has changed: 2 μm tolerances in 30,000 psi injection systems. As a result, it’s now necessary to pay closer attention to these levels.

Historically, an engine with poor quality filtration would probably still run (maybe not efficiently, but it would run). Today, Tier IV engines with poor quality fuel filtration will most likely suffer downtime due to failed injector(s), which equates to lost revenue.

A high-quality filtration system with an inline fuel filter is no longer considered optional, but essential for the efficient operation of these new engines.

HYDAC manufactures and supplies a high-quality inline fuel filter range designed to prevent contamination of the important components of your engine or hydraulic system

Tier IV Requirements Demand a Sophisticated Approach and the Highest Quality Filtration.

Newly delivered bulk diesel fuel typically has an ISO cleanliness level of ISO 22/20/18 to 21/19/17.

The Tier IV compliant engine, on the other hand, has injectors that require fuel with a cleanliness level below ISO 11/8/6 – which is typical of aerospace cleanliness.

The most cost-effective way to consistently achieve this cleanliness level is through the use of the highest quality particulate and coalescing filtration. Both have to be at the bulk tank and on the engine itself. The engine filter alone is no longer an adequate solution.

Indeed, there is simply not enough room in the engine to accomplish this. HYDAC has developed a series of both bulk and onboard fuel-specific products, including an inline fuel filter, to address these new standards.

Diesel Fuel Farms and Working/Emergency Diesel Generating sets.

           HYDAC has developed many of these core diesel products into turnkey filtration solutions with integrated pump motor functions.

These solutions work for almost every diesel application from gen sets to fleet fueling tanks to the Ag tank at a farm.

The conception of all these designs answers the question and challenge of fuel in its environment.

Working / Emergency Diesel Generating sets.

Generating sets (or gen sets) supply more off-grid electricity than all other sources of off-grid generation combined. What’s more, they are portable and are usually powered by either diesel fuel or petrol/gasoline.

Diesel generators are generally more robust pieces of equipment and are very popular: they provide the advantages of ease of operation, ease of repair and an easy availability of spare parts.

Due to high tier engines being used for emergency or working gen sets, clean and dry diesel fuel is needed before the injectors. Additionally, should an emergency Diesel gen set sit idle for long periods of time, then a system for Diesel conditioning needs to be considered to mitigate any risk of poor quality Diesel fuel in the system, ensuring there is always clean fuel available at the time when critical emergency power is demanded.

HYDAC low viscosity diesel filters and coalescer technology has excellent filtration performance in a single pass, high contamination retention capacity (for filtration), low-pressure loss due to innovative element technology, easy to service and easy adaptability.

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Diesel Fuel Farms – Particulate filtration and dewatering of Bulk Diesel fuels.

  • Particulate Filtration for high flow rates;

The Low Viscosity-Housing Filter (LVH-F) by HYDAC is mainly used to filter low-viscosity fluids. It is especially suitable for applications who need to remove large amounts of dirt in just a single pass.

The utilisation of the Optimicron® filter elements here ensures the achievement of both goals: required cleanliness and a long service life. Available in various sizes, the optimal integration of the filters can be into new or existing systems.

The configuration of the filters is in accordance with AD2000 regulations as standard.

Configuration to ASME is possible.

Excellent filtration performance in a single pass.

High contamination retention capacity and low losses in pressure thanks to Helios pleated geometry.

Easy to service thanks to intelligent element design.

Easy to upgrade with coalescing and separation housings in order to remove water from diesel fuel.

  • De-watering Filtration for large flow rates;

The use of the Low Viscosity Housing Coalescer LVH-C is mainly for the dewatering of diesel. It is especially suitable for applications where we need to remove large amounts of water in just a single pass.

The Optimicron®-Coalescer and separator elements ensure that a separation of a high volume of water within just a single pass.

Available in various sizes, the integration of the housings can be optimal into new or existing systems.

The filters are designed according to the AD2000 German rules and regulations for pressure vessels or according to ASME.

Excellent filtration performance in a single pass.

Low-pressure loss due to innovative element technology.

Easy to service thanks to intelligent element design.

Easy to adapt to filter housings for the removal of fine particles in diesel.

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