Fluid-Air Cooling Systems

Air cooling is a simple means of dissipating heat within industrial and mobile machines.

The fluid – usually oil or water-glycol – flows through a cooler. A fan draws air and drives it through the cooling element. Thus, there is a temperature difference and heat exchange takes place. Of this results an increase in air temperature which is then released into the environment.

This process reduces the average temperature of the fluid up to a few Celsius degrees over the actual environmental temperature. It is possible to install an air cooler in almost every situation, with a minimum impact on the existing lay out.

The operating costs are correspondingly low and their further reduction is possible by using a speed-controlled fan. With new designs using special, low noise fans and optimised air ducting HYDAC AUSTRALIA can also offer coolers with outstanding low noise emissions.

A wide range of coolers is available, with either axial and radial fan designs. AC, DC electric drives, and hydraulic motors ensure versatility in catering to a variety of applications and ambient conditions.


Cooling elements

The manufacture of the aluminum cooling elements takes place at the HYDAC AUSTRALIA cooling division production plants.

The cooling elements in ‘plate and bar’ construction demonstrate particularly impressive strength, design flexibility, and optimal heat transfer. HYDAC AUSTRALIA offers a large selection of air fin and fluid turbulator designs, ensuring radiators are tuned to provide maximum capacity in every situation – even in extremely contaminated environments.


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